Mineral Leasing

Leasing your minerals for steady income

Leasing can be a powerful tool for generating monthly cash flow that doesn’t require effort or cost on your part beyond signing the lease. Leasing involves granting another party the right to access, extract, and sell your minerals on the market.

You’ll receive cash up front for the lease agreement as well as monthly checks once the well is producing. Annual bonuses will follow. This will continue as long as the lease is active and the well is producing.

Mineral leasing is a great option for individuals or companies who want to profit from their mineral rights. You could receive a substantial amount of revenue if oil and gas is retrievable from your location.

A great benefit of participating in oil and gas production is that every dollar produced is one that is not sent overseas. You will be helping to rebuild America as an energy powerhouse by reducing our reliance on foreign oil from the Middle East.

At Patriot Reserves, we walk you through every step of the leasing process to ensure you understand it and are 100% comfortable with the terms of the lease. We will not sign the lease until we are confident that we have created a win-win situation for everyone.

Including you and your family.

Leasing Can Help Sustain Rural Family Life

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    Generate Cash

    Leasing can create a steady income.

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    Passive Income

    Lessors do the work and pay you for the privilege

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    Keep Your Minerals

    Leasing lets you keep the rights long term