Mineral Rights Unleashed Trump’s Effect on Oil & Gas in Colorado

file_jul_11_10_54_17_am__previewWith the election of Donald Trump for president, the future of oil and gas production looks poised for an unexpected change. Trump is one to march to the beat of his own drum, and he has certainly upset those from both wings of American politics. He may end up pleasing many in the middle, and so now is the time to make the most of your mineral rights in Colorado.

For years now, the Obama Administration has taken an approach to energy that has favored Climate Change proponents, and the result has been trouble for many in the energy sector. This has been true for the coal industry in Wyoming and Appalachia as well as the oil and gas industry in Colorado and elsewhere as their attempts to improve the safe delivery of oil and gas through pipeline infrastructure projects has been blocked by unfounded environmental scare tactics and political gamesmanship.

Just a few short weeks ago, everyone expected to see the Obama trajectory continue with the election of Hillary Clinton as “Obama’s third term”, as it’s been phrased in the media. Even though oil and gas pipelines represent a safety improvement in delivery, they have been stalled by Obama’s regulations. But now a former Democrat and successful businessman will set our energy policy. And he defines himself by results.

Central to Trump’s message throughout the campaign has been job creation by lifting restrictions that limit your ability to sell mineral rights. What’s more important than a campaign promise is his plans for Day One of his administration. He said that he plans to “cancel job-killing restrictions on the production of American energy, including shale energy and clean coal.” The Wall Street Journal said that could make a difference quickly.

What this means for mineral rights owners in Colorado is that the landscape is about to change. Oil and gas production is about to get a jump start in the new year.

Of course, that means the Golden Rule of Markets will kick in, and as the regulations are eased, supply will escalate, prices will fall and those who acted swiftly will reap the reward of decisive action.

Now is the time to contact Patriot Reserves to secure the best price for your mineral rights leasing or sale.

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